Betterform is your full service, foot orthotics solution. Our roots in the medical foot care industry ensure that you are receiving the finest foot orthotic on the market today.

We have been crafting orthotics for more than 25 years and are proud of our solid reputation as an innovative industry leader. Because we consistently update technologies and practices, our production capabilities are virtually endless.

We offer a varied product spectrum from accommodative insoles to functional devices and everything in between.

Would you like to take advantage of marketing your practice every time your patients put on or take off their footwear? Our in-house private labeling makes it simple to print your practice name or logo on our prescription and prefabricated products for little to no additional cost.

Prescription Orthotics:

Betterform prescription orthotics are handcrafted to your exact specifications utilizing the most current technology, 3D scanning and a vast catalog of the finest materials.

Prefabricated Orthotics:

Our prefabricated line of products grew out of both the practitioner’s and patient’s requests for an affordable yet effective device as an alternative to a prescription orthotic. Our roots in the medical foot care industry dictated our path toward producing a product that is comprised of many of the same materials found in our custom orthotics. The majority of our line is heat adjustable and easily modified using simple techniques and tools. Because we offer an mextensive size range, many are an excellent fit straight out of the package.

We appreciate your business!